Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Tools - Use and Care of

It has been awhile since I felt I had the time to post so if you are following me, sorry about that.

I have been using a tool that I thought was worthy of mention and it is either an unknown application or so widely used I am the last to find out about it. (It happens).

In today's hectic world who has time for social media? I don't mean reading it but keeping it up todate with content. I don't have a large or even a small staff so it can get a bit cumbersome at times. I wanted a Facebook page for one of my businesses. It is a must have. I have this Blog. I am on linked in. I know there are lots of coordinating tools out there but I have been using IFTTT or "IF This Then That".  I do a blog and it posts to Linked In and my Facebook Page. Cool right?

Now if you mess up. You have just sent something everywhere! Just one click and disaster. These tools can save tons of time, but treat them as you would a circular saw! The old adage "measure twice cut once" is very true. If you cut yourself with a saw the wound might heal, (if you are not too unlucky). If you post something without thinking it might not heal, kind of proving the pen is more powerful than the saw!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Book Expo of America

Long lines and big crowds
Lots of interest in the book signings

As I mentioned in an earlier post we attended the 2015 BEA in NYC. Overall this is a crowded show. It got off to a slow start with the book bloggers but the Expo was great. There were lots of new marketing tools being show cased as well as the usual book signings. We met lots of great industry people and lots of interesting authors an cool vendors. and walked forever.

One neat tool I found was a Dropcard. Now I have seen these before but not in the variety of sizes and applications. These were originally for music downloads but they work with any type of file. They have excellent graphics and are a secure method of giving samples of your work.

Kristin with Mark
Kristin with Mark
We also met Chef Kristin Sollenne  a wonderfully accomplished chef author, who invited us toher book launch Thursday evening. Of course we went and had a great time.
Kristin Sollenne with Book
Kristin Sollenne with Book

Her new book is Domestic Chic  "A fashionably Fabulous
Guide to Cooking and Entertaining by the Seasons". Kristin was a 2013 honoree of Zagat's Top 30 under 30 . She also has a line of designer aprons, Cellini aprons by Kristin Sollenne.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Travel Tip 1

So often you rush out of the house and off to the taxi, limo, or plane, running late worried about getting to that meeting, event or show in time. Finally back in your hotel room you decide to put your feet up, relax, and call home. "OMG my cell is out of juice and I know exactly where I left my charger!" Well of course it is right on your desk. Right where you put it so you would not for get it. Not to worry, head down to the hotel lobby and ask whether they have any chargers in their lost and found. They always have the same smile, almost a grin. "Help Yourself" the desk manager will say as they reappear from the backroom with a large box filled with chargers. They are happy to get rid of them, you save a few bucks, and you don't have to go out in the snow, pouring rain, or dark of night to get another. In addition, repurposing a "lost" electronic item is environmentally sound.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

BEA Bloggers Conference 2015

At the end of May, I went to the BEA Bloggers conference in NYC.  It was my first time attending this conference and I was sure I would learn and experience the wisdom of a large slate of expertise. In addition, I was really looking forward to spending some time in NYC. However, I must be getting old. When I worked in the NYC area, a business meeting in Manhattan was different than a trip to a Mets game. In the 13 years I have been away things have changed quite a bit.  I could be off base thinking the book blogger community is not mainstream New York, but the book blogging world is definitely a very casual group. The casual attire is not a problem per se but it seems to reflect a casual state of mind, to me anyway. I found the bloggers conference speakers included some smart folks who blogged about books, were engaging and knew what they were talking about, and some casually oriented folks who also blogged about books.  The quality of the sessions at the conference varied greatly. I found many of the presenters and panelists were not “with the program”. It is interesting that a “professional communicator” would agree to appear before a hundred or so people and be so unprepared. Unorganized thoughts, too far from the microphone, too soft a voice were just a few very common complaints.  Yes, many of the sessions were panel discussions, but the questions and topics were scripted! There were no surprises. There were some presenters, who knew why they were there, and how to present their topics, and it showed. I came almost 1,000 miles, paid for an expensive hotel room, and paid to go to the conference. I came with an open mind ready to listen. I might pass up this conference next time around.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Relaxing Oasis in the Javits Center at the BEA 2015

So we attended the Book Expo of America in NYC. Since we were going we added on the Bloggers and UpublishU conferences the day before and the day after respectively. If you have been to the Javit's Convention Center you know it is VERY large, and a day there is rough on the old feet, knees, back etc. So we were pleased to find a new American Express Lounge located on the south side of the Crystal Palace at 4E Terrace. Marie and I were able to recharge our phones, compare conference notes and relax the above mentioned achy parts sipping complementary cappucinos. 

"The Lounge, available to American Express OPEN Card members and similar to exclusive lounges located in airports, will offer a quiet oasis for OPEN Card members, with such amenities as comfortable seating, Wifi, laptops, printers, coffee, tea and light snacks." 

Finding The Correct Path

Shanghi, China
 Ok. I am usually pretty good at finding people, places, and things but I was really put to the test here. It is not always about arriving. Sometimes the journey is really what the trip is all about. We had to adapt to a new way of doing things, way out of our normal comfort zone. Our normal travel takes to Europe where we speak and read some of the languages. We are comfortable traveling by ourselves there. In China we learned to navigate differently and rethink how we look at everyday things we take for granted.  

Case in point, the pull tabs on beer and soda cans. Simple little thing which in the USA are pretty standard. We have adapted to the tops staying attached to the can. This reduces litter. If you are old enough, I am sure you will remember all the pull tabs liittering the streets everywhere.  In China no one uses these
newer tabs. They still use the old ones that detach. Why? Well the can tops get very dirty and the new style tabs open by putting that tab into the beverage. No one wants to drink something that has had that dirty tab swirling around in it.  

So what does all this have to do with publishing services? At Giro di Mondo we listen to our customers. We understand each of them has different issues, needs  and goals. Our goal is to help each of our customers find the right path for their needs. Originally posted (April 18).

This is the start of a new adventure!

Float Plane trip Misty Fjords, Alaska
 So we are off! 
Adventures in writing and publishing "Around the World".   We will share our experiences on this trip with our readers.  Along the way we always stumble on information worth sharing that relate to travel, food, history, genealogy, and culture.

We have put away the tuxedo and gown and got into work attire to get down to work. However, we both agree, that it is important to keep the party clothes ready to go.